When I perform this live, I ask the audience to come up with a dance for each verse. The "backwards" dance and the "square" dance are always entertaining, but they don't compare to the "upside-down" dance! Ever seen a crowd of parents holding their kids upside-down by their feet?
2015 International Songwriting Competition Winner
With the most prestigious panel of judges of all the songwriting contests in the world, the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is a huge contest that attracts some of the best professional and amateur songwriting talent from around the world. Steve's song "Monday I Woke Up Purple" won 3rd place!.
...honest, well-crafted songs that appeal to kids, parents... And anyone who doesn't mind having a pleasant melody bouncing around in their head for a day or two. ...This is simple, elegant songwriting with a heavy dose of whimsy. Kenny Curtis (Sirius XM Satellite Radio - Kids Place Live)
Weeks' gentle guitar work and reassuring voice fit like a snug blanket on a fall night. Recommended. Read More...Stephan Shepherd (Zooglobble)
...always one with a way for words, Steve Weeks is a master crafting songs that weave fantastical stories you can somehow see through your ears. Mindy Thomas (Sirius XM Satellite Radio - Kids Place Live)
...a fresh, original voice that kids - and their parents - will appreciate. Paul Shackman (Booklist Magazine)
I really cannot say enough about Steve's music ...the stories and music are just beyond awesome!!! Read More...Tina (Fresno Family)
He is simply, a great songwriter and storyteller, with a warm voice and solid production values. With clever jokes, word play, varied instrumentation, and evocative vocals, the music puts me in mind of Barenaked Ladies. Bill Childs (Minnesota Parent)
...highly creative, finely performed and ably produced ...This stuff is good!"!! John Wood (Kidzmusic.com)
Steve Weeks is a quality songwriter and a fine musician. Using every letter in the alphabet as his inspiration, he was able to craft three CDs that are full of engaging stories, fine pickin' and funny antics. Read More...Sienna Wildfield (Hilltown Family Variety Show)

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