Own Your Very Own Songbird

For release Oct 7, 2020

Well, Steve finally did it. His latest song “Songbird” put on vinyl; a 45 RPM vinyl single to be exact.  If you’re interested in owning a copy, read on.

"This has been a bucket list of mine for some time now", Steve says, "I had quite the extensive vinyl collection when I was younger, and I miss those days when I’d drop the needle on a new record and hear that warm hiss and crackle before the music started.   I wore the grooves out on some records listening to them so much."

The song itself is a quiet little tune about a bird Steve met on the side of a bike trail once.  The B-side is“Birdsong”, one of the hits from the CD Dandelion.  It’s more rockin’ and has 179 birds in the lyrics.  The cover contains artwork from Colorado artist Lori DiPasquale.

To make each copy unique, Steve is hand-drawing each of the birds from “Birdsong” on the cover of one single.  If you’d like to purchase one of these one-of-a-kind singles, check out the link below for more information.

My Family

For release September 2, 2022

Steve is back with a new family music single "My Family", an upbeat swing tune reminiscent of the east coast "Beach Music" he grew up with back in South Carolina.

Steve Weeks is back, and he's not alone! His new family music single "Agree to Disagree", is a bouncy, folk duet featuring GRAMMY winning singer-songwriter Joanie Leeds.

As the title would suggest, this song is about getting along with each other despite our many differences, something both artists believe we could use a little more of these days. Honestly, a girl from bustling New York City and a guy in the mountains of Colorado might seem an unlikely pair for a collaboration, but the two fell in like birds of a feather, and the tongue in cheek tune benefited from having different approaches.

"When I initially demoed the song and it was just me, it sounded a little flat and one-dimensional.", Weeks recalls, "Joanie immediately added color and took the tune in a new direction. It was like the whole thing just brightened up!"

Joanie was also thrilled to work with Steve again after they were randomly paired up by mutual friend and fellow songwriter Cory Cullinan during the pandemic to sing on a verse together for a climate change awareness song. Positive Energy featured 25 Children's musicians, including 4 GRAMMY Winners. "While working on that project, Steve and I developed a friendship that mostly left me crying with laughter due to his hilarious banter. His witty writing isn't just for emails though- it carries over to all of his lyrics and "Agree to Disagree" is no exception. I'm thrilled for the world to finally hear his tune and honored he chose me to be part of it.

"Agree to Disagree" is clear evidence that despite distance and differences, we can all find harmony if we try and will be available Sept 2nd for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and anywhere parents are searching for great music.