When film director Dave Franklyn told me he wanted to create a music video for Change of Heart using paper puppets, I thought he might have lost his mind, but seeing the final product, I'm glad I followed his lead. I spent several weeks drawing, painting, cutting, and gluing. It was like being in kindergarten again!
2020 Just Plain Folks Awards Song Nominee
Steve has received a nomination from JPF for their annual music awards, the largest in the country! "Change of Heart" is nominated for Best Children's Song in the Just Plain Folks 2020 awards.
Telly Award Winner (Change of Heart Video)
What do you get when you give kindie musician Steve Weeks and award-winning film director Dave Franklyn access to paper, glue, scissors, cardboard, paint, and string? Watch the new music video for Steve's #1 hit single "Change of Heart" and you'll find out!
"Change of Heart" #1 on Kids Place Live charts
The only national top-ten list for children's music in the US... OK, well top 13. Steve's Song "Change of Heart" topped the Kids Place Live "13 under 13", making it the number one children's song in the country!
"if this video from Steve Weeks for a brand new song of his, 'Change of Heart,' doesn't put a smile on your face, then I just don't know what to do with you." Stephan Shepherd (Zooglobble)

Listen to clip: