I actually had a different song written for the letter "K", but Kiki dropped on me from out of the blue. The idea came to me while driving home one day, and 10 minutes later it was written and I was in my home studio recording it. I feel less like I wrote this one and more like it was given to me.
2005 International Songwriting Competition Finalist
With the most prestigious panel of judges of all the songwriting contests in the world, the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is a huge contest that attracts some of the best professional and amateur songwriting talent from around the world. Steve's song "Kiki Kangaroo" was a finalist in this annual competition and received an Honorable Mention.
2005 USA Songwriting Competition Finalist
"Kiki Kangaroo" was a finalist in the USA Songwriting Competition, the world's leading international songwriting event honoring songwriters, composers, bands, recording artists everywhere.
"Kiki Kangaroo" #1 on XM Kids
The only national top-ten list for children's music in the US... OK, well top 13. Steve's Song "Kiki Kangaroo" topped the XM Kids "13 under 13" report card, making it the number one children's song in the country!
Another GREAT CD by Steve Weeks! Just as great as the first!! We listen to both all the time!! Can't wait for the next one to complete our alphabet songs collection! Read More...Tina (Fresno Family)
...The album is nicely produced ...gently uptempo folk-inflected rock. To put the album in adult terms, I'd describe it as Barenaked Ladies meets Phish. Read More...Stephan Shepherd (Zooglobble)

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