Chicken, swan, heron, hawk, Kookaburra, Currawong
Wren, Robin, Cockatoo, Turtle Dove, Grey Goose
Frogmouth, Barn Owl, Yellow-knobbed Curassow,
Peacock, Xenops, Black-Footed Albatross
Grackle, Gamecock, Finch, flamingo
Bunting, Buzzard, Stonechat, Swallow
Black-capped Chickadee, Double-striped Thick-knee
Parakeet, Bobolink, Green-tailed Towhee
Warbler,  Ostrich, Grosbeak , Magpie
Babbler, Partridge,  Kiwi , Bobwhite
Sandpiper, Oriole, Emu, Seagull
Petrel, Kestrel, Hairy-backed Bulbul
Parrot, Quail, Nightingale, White-chinned Thistletail
Tanager, Wood Rail, Hottentot Buttonquail 
Cassowary, Antshrike, Leaflove,  Pewee
Vulture, Stilt, Blue-footed Booby
Blackbird, Bluebird, Redbird,  Hummingbird
Catbird, Mousebird, White-eared Puffbird
Nunbird, Friarbird, Lovebird, Thornbird
Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird ,Wattlebird, Stitchbird

These are the birds that I know
They're everywhere.  There is no place they can't go.
If you're wondering who it was that built that nest up in your roof
I could name a bird or two

Puffin,  Duck, Crow , Snipe, Sugarbird, Honeyguide
Peregrine, Pelican, Purple-throated Cuckooshrike
Roadrunner, Nutcracker, Kingfisher, Reedhaunter
Oystercatcher, Rockjumper , Groundcreeper,  Horned Screamer
Meadowlark, Nightjar, Jackdaw, Jacamar
Whooperwill, Spoonbill,  Nighthawk, redstart
Scarlet Ibis, Pigeon, Swift,  Kite
Twelve-wired Bird-of-paradise!
Rufous-headed Ground Roller, Tawny-throated Leaftosser
Black-cheeked Gnateater, Streak-necked Flycatcher
Purple-bearded Bee-eater, Fan-tailed Berrypecker
Naked-faced Spiderhunter, Black-bellied Seedcracker

These are the birds in the sky.
They sing all day, and sometimes they sing all night.
So if you're wondering just who woke you up at half past 2
I could name a bird or two.

Umbrellabird, Lorikeet, Bufflehead, Hornbill
Mockingbird, Manakin, Bittern , Poorwill
Grey Jay,  Snowcap, Wheatear, Shoebill
Hammerkop Saddleback, Fruitcrow, Hookbill
Cardinal, Sunbird, Snowy Egret
Crake,  Macaw, Woodhen, Barbet
Goldfinch, Purple Martin, Dodo, Osprey
Bullfinch, Plover,  Whooping Crane
Raven, Starling, Blue Jay, Nuthatch
Falcon, Waxwing, Siamese Fireback!
Bareheaded Laughingthrush,  Shearwater,  Sparrowhawk
Long-toed Lapwing, Golden-bellied Gerrygone
Pipit,  Linnet, Boatbill,  Junco
Giant Coot, Square-tailed Drongo
Condor, Toucan, Cuckoo, Turkey
Great Crested Grebe
Thrush, Teal, Loon, Tern, Grouse, Stork, Pheasant
Pink-footed Puffback, Bristlefront,  Cormorant
Eagle, Penguin, Red-headed Woodpecker
Jacky Winter, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

These are the birds in the air.
Everybody down below had best beware.
If you're looking for who dropped that present in your new hairdo,
I could name a bird or two.

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