Imogene lives down on Molasses Street
She says that it's slow but the location is sweet
She climbs to the top of a geometry
And picks a nice square meal to eat

She shines like a lightning bug
She plays piano wearing boxing gloves
Says she's gonna write a big hit song
Singing love, love, love  ... love, love, love

She wears hearts on her sleeves
Rainbows in her hair, scrapes on her knees
She's quite a site to see, Imogene

Imogene, she sleeps like a log they say
In a flower bed under sheets of rain
She keeps glue underneath her pillowcase
Says she's gonna fix the break of day

She likes things a little bit out of hand
She throws monkey wrenches into all of her plans
She plays shoe-horn in a marching band
Any old time they can squeeze her in

She argues all night with the corn in the kitchen
She says they've got ears but they just won't listen
Makes perfect sense to me, Imogene

She reads books backwards so she won't spoil the beginning
She spent her last dime on a lucky penny
She takes tornados out for a spin
But she always comes back around again

Imogene, she can't sit still at all
Her favorite sport is wrecking ball
She seasons her cooking with Spring and Fall
And she serves it up all year

She daydreams about falling asleep
She really don't ask for very much you see
She says the only thing that anyone needs
is love, love, love  ... love, love, love

She won't drive you crazy 'cause she only likes walking
Her smile's so sweet, you could put it in your coffee
Why can't we all just be like Imogene

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