Zed & Zoey

Zed ran fast
But on the day of the race he came in last.
He said, ďI ran as hard as I could you see.
Maybe last place is just my destiny.Ē

Zed donít give up trying.
Youíre gonna do just fine.
You just keep on showing up at the starting line
And one day you may find yourself out in front my friend.
Your race is just beginning.This is not
The end.

Zoey is Zedís best friend
But she had to go on a trip far away from him
And Zed said, ďZoey, please donít leave.I donít like this at all you see.
Iím scared youíll forget me.

Zoey said, ďDonít worry Zed. Time will fly and then
Before you even know it Iíll be coming back again.
No matter where I may go, youíll always be my friend
Our story isnít written.This is not
The end.

Now Zoey is all alone
Half way around the globe, far from home
She said, ďIím homesick and I miss my friends and it rains here everyday and
I donít think Iíll ever smile again.Ē

Zoey just hang in there, things are gonna change
Your world might be upside-down, but itíll turn again.
Donít you know brighter days are just around the bend.
Your journey isnít over.This is not
The end.

When your days are dark my friend
You just keep holding up your chin
The sun will shine again
Cause this is not the end.

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