One lazy afternoon
I was enjoying some peace and quiet as I'm sometimes prone to do
The door flew open ruining my solitude
The Queen of Quiddleburg walked in acting quite rude
She quarreled and argued. I couldn't make her quit.
It seems Her Majesty had quite a bone to pick
She quarreled and argued 'til her face turned blue
As monarchs are sometimes prone to do.

The Queen Quarreled
The Queen Quarreled
She quibbled about the quality of quilts in Quebec you see
The Queen Quarreled
The Queen Quarreled
She's such a royal pain . She made my ears ring.
I feel sorry for the King.
Cause she just won't be quiet

Well, I tried not to notice and carry on as before
But the Queen of Quiddleburg will not be ignored
And just when I thought I couldn't take a second more
My little sister Quinella walked through the door

And Quinella likes to pester me asking questions all the time
I can never seem to satisfy all of the quandaries in her mind
She asked What and Why and How and When and Who
As little sisters are sometimes prone to do

Quenilla questioned
Quenilla questioned
She quizzed me about quintuplets and quantum mechanics
Quenilla questioned
Quenilla questioned
She had a million things to ask her queries drove me mad
The only question I have is why can't she just be quiet

You think you've got problems, let me tell you brother
Try having Her Royal Highness in one ear and your sister in the other
This duo in stereo bugged me to no end
When Professor Quigly Q. Quisenberry walked in

And Quigly likes to quote a lot; that much is for sure
Literature, scripture, line, chapter, and verse
He quoted quite loudly and looked rather important too
As professors are sometimes prone to do

Quigly quoted
Quigly quoted
He quipped quaint analogies and quintessential poetry
Quigly quoted
Quigly quoted
His quotes I could not quell from every book on the shelf.
I'd read them all myself if he would just be quiet

So Quinella would ask question and Quigly would quote an answer fast
But queen would disagree which made Quinella think of one more thing to ask
So round and round it went and if that's not enough
In waddled Quentin, my very own pet duck

And Quentin started quaking, he had something to say man
But I only speak a little duck so I didn't understand
So Quentin flapped his wings and snapped at my shoes
As ducks are sometimes prone to do

Quentin quacked
Quentin quacked
He had no qualms about quacking on and on
Quentin quacked
Quentin quacked
He made such a fowl sound. I wanted to fly South.
I'd stick around if he would just be quiet

This quartet of noise I could not avoid
They noisily annoyed me in quadruple voice
They said:

"I find the quilts in Quebec to be of appalling quality
I quake with anger when I see such shabby quiltery
A Queen should not be asked to sleep on such a poor bed spread
Blast them all I say, off with their heads!"

"How many quarters are there in a quadrillion dollar bills?
Where is Qatar? What's a Quasar? How do porcupines get their quills?
What quantity of quartz would a single quarry yield?"

"I'd like to quote quickly from my favorite book Don Quixote
It's a quintessential book though quixotically quirky"

"Quack Quack! Quack! Quack!"

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